Тайная сила дольменов

Among the many options that shops and supermarkets offer, it is difficult to choose decent crystal or glass wine glasses, and many believe that even the taste of sparkling wine depends on the quality of champagne glasses. One way or another, but the dishes have a certain significance for a foaming alcoholic drink with bubbles, so before you go shopping, you need to find out what types and shapes they are and how to choose the right one.

What are Champagne Glasses

Champagne is a luxurious drink that gives a bright, intoxicating effect, without which almost any feast can do. For a long time, glasses intended for sparkling wine have changed their shape, but the dishes have always remained elegant and sophisticated. So, first, wine with bubbles was poured into cone-shaped glasses, then into cups, which changed after vessels in the shape of a woman’s breast. Bowl-shaped containers https://aleks-crystal.com/crystal-glasses/ were popular for several hundred years before the 18th century — they are still used to build pyramids of sparkling wines.

It was only in the 18th century that the French began to make crystal flute wine glasses, which had thin walls and resembled a tulip in shape — in such vessels one could freely contemplate how small bubbles “play”. Nowadays, sparkling wine is most often served in tall flute glasses, tapering towards the top. Cup-shaped glasses are used less and less because Klaus Josef Riedel proved that this shape of the dishes suffers the bubbles and aroma of a wonderful alcoholic beverage.

Хрустальные бокалы

Products intended for serving sparkling wine differ from tableware for other types of drinks in a special form. So, there are several types of glasses:

cone-shaped (inverted cone);
various geometric shapes;
design creations of famous brands;
elongated — curly, with narrow edges;
with engraving;
ordinary — beautiful glasses without legs.
How to choose champagne glasses

Champagne is a luxurious drink on the table during any holiday. However, in order to appreciate the great taste of sparkling wine, it must be served correctly — in specially designed glasses. So, before choosing glassware for champagne, read some recommendations:

The classic champagne glass has a narrow, elongated bowl. This shape is the key to long-lasting bubbles.
The diameter of the bezel should be as small as possible. Otherwise, the delicate clouds of aromas of a high-quality alcoholic drink will disappear very quickly.
The stem of the glass should be long and as far as possible from the bowl — this is the only way sparkling wine can demonstrate a harmonious combination of taste and aroma.
It is desirable that there are microdefects on the thin walls of crystal products — this will provide an orderly flow of small bubbles. Manufacturers warn that you cannot scratch the products yourself — too severe degassing will ruin the taste of sparkling wine.