The winner of «Eurovision» admitted non-standard sexual orientation

On the night of may 19, the final of the Eurovision song contest took place in the Israeli capital tel Aviv. The Grand concert was not without surprises. The winner was Duncan Lawrence, representing the Netherlands. On the eve of the final of the competition, he admitted that he is bisexual.

Fans of the competition were condemned to Lawrence, who said that he was actually gay. The winner also admitted that he is afraid of losing the votes of young girls, who are his main audience, as well as not quite tolerant countries. According to the singer, self-acceptance was the best thing he did in his life.

«I have a loved one and I’m happy in a relationship,» he said.

As it became known later, to speak to Lawrence about non-standard orientation has banned producers. The representative of the Netherlands Duncan Lawrence won the «Eurovision-2019». He scored 492 points. He presented a country with a sensual lyrical composition Arcade, which he wrote himself. It is noteworthy that the singer was the only one in the competition, performing a song of his own authorship. According to the singer, it is dedicated to the story of love for a man who died at a young age. The composition brought him victory.

«this is a story about finding love in our lives. Hope that you will find what you need», – said the singer.

The video for the song Arcade, with which the musician won the «Eurovision-2019», users have watched on YouTube more than 10 million times. According to the plan, a singer immersed in water, like a child in the mother’s womb, is waiting for his birth, but not physically, but spiritually. Note that the «Eurovision» Netherlands won four times: Corrie Brocken in 1957, Teddy Scholten in 1959, lenny Kur in 1969, and the group Teach-in in in 1975.

Russia at Eurovision was represented by Sergey Lazarev. The singer again took third place. In 2016, the performer performed at Eurovision, showing the same result.

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